The Gender/Diversity in Informatics Systems (GeDIS) group at the University of Kassel and in Newcastle, UK wish to invite you to a two-day workshop titled “Methods, Theories, and Taking Action through Gender and Feminisms in HCI” that will take place as a series of 4 events throughout the Summer and Autumn of 2021. These four events will be virtual events, with another additional in-person event, in Germany.

Event 1: Defining feminist and gender HCI. This will be a virtual event comprising a keynote presentation and series of round-table discussions, including Q&A

Event 2: Ways of practice in feminist and gender HCI. This will be a virtual event comprising a keynote presentation and breakout group discussions on topics related to 'doing' feminist and gender-oriented HCI

Event 2.5: Collaborating to learn methods. This will be a distributed in-person event, taking place in Germany, the UK, and with optional additional hubs throughout hte world. These will be co-organised with attendants of events 1 and 2. These will be less formal than the other events and should function as practical sessions to work together to complete challenges set by presenters of event 4.

Event 3: Learning Methods. This will be a virtual event comprising a keynote presentation and a series of breakout groups and panel discussions to reflect on the challanges that were set to event attendees about a variety of feminist and gender-related research methods.

Event 4: Peer-mentoring and facilitating research collaborations. In this fourth and final virtual event, we hope to turn the relationships that attendees have formed with each other into peer-mentoring relationships and even new potential research collaborations.

We invite those who are interested in feminist Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and gender-related digital technologies to discuss questions of feminisms and technologies. The event will be structured around a series of interactive activities to reflect and build on methods, theories and practical aspects of HCI. We welcome people from a variety of disciplines (but especially Early Career Researchers) to bring their experience and knowledge to contribute to discussions. We hope that the event will be a way of building an international community around gender, feminist and technology areas in Europe, and to reflect critically on our role as researchers in this field.

Presenters and discussion leaders have already been selected for these events, but due to the new online format of three of these events, we will be able to welcome more attendees to our events than previously anticipated.

All papers from those presenting work at the workshop will be published in the EUSSET Digital Library at

This event is kindly funded by the Volkswagenstiftung in Germany.